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Founded in 1994 by James B. Harshman, Diamond Edge Services (DES) provides a variety of pipeline integrity services to both Pipeline Companies and ILI Tool Companies.

Meet the Team

Providing a safe, efficient and reliable variety of pipeline integrity services for over 23 years.

Anomaly Evaluation & Repair

Diamond Edge provides a variety of solutions to evaluate areas damaged by corrosion on the pipeline identified by operators or ILI tools. Anomaly assessment is an crucial part of operating a safe and efficient pipeline. Diamond Edge Technicians will work with your company to safely and efficiently to evaluate ILI results with physical testing in the ditch.

ILI Pig Tracking

ILI tool runs are crucial to the modern North American pipeline system that fuels our cities, homes and industry. Diamond Edge provides the technicians and equipment necessary for tracking both cleaning and ILI tools across a variety of terrain, anywhere in the United States.

DGPS AGM Placements and Surveying

DGPS AGM placement is key to a successful and reliable tracking run. Diamond Edge personnel is experienced and trained for establishing controlled survey points along your pipeline which will serve as the locations for tool tracking during a run. We are able to adapt to the requirements of every job with various types of GPS and AGM systems, including the use Real Time Kinetics sub-centimeter equipment in order to completely tailor our services to the operators needs.

Anomaly Dig Staking

Prior to digging up a pipeline to inspect anomalies detected after an inline inspection, it is important to have an accurate bearing on the pipeline. Diamond Edge’s anomaly staking will be able to locate and identify anomaly features using dig sheets provided by ILI vendors or the operator. With over 15 years of experience in the field, our technicians will ensure an accurate and reliable staking.

We pledge to bring a safe and professional performance to every single project.

  • Safety

    Promoting Safety and Operator Qualifications throughout the company, DES is compliance with ISNetworld, Veriforce, NCMS, DISA, NCCER, Houston Safety Council, MEA and OSGS.

  • Experience

    DES has established a strong reputation in the industry for helping their customers efficiently and cost effectiveness by meeting the challenges of the pipeline integrity rules and regulations. Through experienced and Operator Qualified personnel and technology, DES has emerged as the gold standard in the industry.  DES technicians can quickly mobilize to anywhere in North America and safely handle any Pigging Project or Direct Assessment project.

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